Services We Are Providing

Financial planning is the process of assessing the current financial situation of an Individual / business to identify future financial goals and how to achieve them.
The term investment strategy refers to a set of principles designed to help an individual investor achieve their financial and investment goals.
We assess the specific insurance needs of our customers and help them select the appropriate policies to protect against financial risks.
In complicated financial cases, our services of tax advisory help to reduce the tax payable while staying compliant with the law.
Filing returns is a sign that you are responsible. Not just that, it also makes it easier for individuals and businesses
Investment is time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame.

The Wealth Tree

Wealth is like wisdom. It is all around; you just have to reach out for it. Our founders have a strong belief in the concept of “Financial Awakening’ just like “Spiritual Awakening”

Planning of goals for a lifetime needs oodles of information, some intuition and lot of technical research and analysis. With our very inhouse AI powered and patented “The Wealth Tree” engine we help you building a financial plan which considers your future income and expense growth as well as duration of your goals along with dynamic asset allocation.

We understand when your goals can range from very short term to extremely long ones so should the financial plan.

We want you to enjoy your life as for everything else “The Wealth Tree” will take care of it…

Now take a long deep breath …… You have it all in your control !!